Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thankful for Wildcats, the Letter K, & Redemption

In this season of giving thanks, I thought I'd post something I'm thankful for: my hometown, childhood, and current favorite team - The University of Kentucky Wildcats

Sure, I could have grown up in another city where they say that basketball is king, but God knew exactly where he wanted to place me.  He knew where greatness exists and what kind of environment I needed to grow up in. In this day and age of what have you done for me lately, we tend to forget that you have to look at the full body of work for a program and when you do that, Kentucky basketball simply cannot be matched.  That being said, I do remember what we've done lately.  75-65 Win last night.

I am also thankful for the letter K.  The letter K was certainly the main emphasis throughout the night before, during, and after the game last night.  Before it was Kool-ade, which is what I was drinking (and some may argue been drinking for a long time) before the game.  During it was Kentucky.  After it was a butt Kickin'.  Aside from my name, there really wasn't any other K of consequence last night.

I am also thankful for my influence over friends and family.  Had it not been for me, some of my closest family members, who were unfortunately not placed in great locations, would have grown up thinking that other programs where the greatest all time.  Statistics aside (who uses those as a means of proof anyway), I couldn't let them go through life without knowing TRUTH.

Friends.  I am proud to tell you today, we have seen the results of that very truth.  Aside from the fact that statistics prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that UK is the greatest program of all time, we now have other visual proof that even the most stubborn of folks want to hold out on that belief.

Exhibit A: (click link)
Notice the declaration for their new found love of the team.  Notice the asterisk leaving him an out (which is common for anyone with lack of faith aka:haters).  Notice the dates have passed on the pending investigation and nothing found.

Exhibit B: (click link)
See all statements from Exhibit A.

Subject has clearly gone from, what his grandson would call, Delusional, to a fan of the University of Kentucky.  "The Guy" even went so far as going to bed early last night because he knew the game was in hand and a comeback by the other team was a wasted effort.

Sweet dreams UK fans.  Sweet, Redemptive Dreams

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Frank Bryant said...

Who is that guy and why is he saying "uk"?