Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Twitter and Me

As you may can see, my blog has taken on a new look. Yeah, I've joined the world of Twitter. Not because I want to, but because I have to. As part of my Sports Marketing class and my Sports Culture classes, I'm forced to join twitter and "follow" sports related entities.

This is my assignment for my Sports Marketing class:

"For starters you'll need a Twitter account and will need to follow and analyze at least 4 sport & leisure related entities. They must be a team or athlete. Also one must be a sport or leisure related product. One must be a sport or leisure media entity, and the fourth one can be anything you wish. I will prepare details on the analysis & deliverable requirements, but for now examine how they are using Twitter; perceived effectiveness; who they are targeting; how it might fit in their overall marketing strategy, etc."

In my Sports Culture class:

"Sign up for a Twitter account and link it to all of your other social networking sites. Take notes and record where people respond to your updates and keep statistical information of these. Will tell you more later."

So there you have it. I am a twittering fool now and I'm not exactly happy about it. I'll explain more when I get into my thoughts on my Sports/Culture class and Sports and Pop Culture in a Global setting class.

Until then, "follow me"

Friday, September 10, 2010

Hole in Our Gospel

Started reading this book "The Hole in Our Gospel" and I must say, through the first chapters, it's pretty compelling and convicting all in one. I was actually suppose to read this BEFORE I went on my mission trip, but I'm actually just now reading it. And honestly, I'm glad I didn't read it then. It wouldn't have affected me the way it is now.

Basically the premise of the book is dealing with the idea that if you say you are a follower of Christ, you need to have more than just a "personal" and transforming relationship with God, but more of a "public" and transforming relationship with the world.

I love this quote...

"If your personal faith in Christ has no positive outward expression, then your faith - and mine - has a hole in it. As Johnny Cash sang, 'You're so heavenly minded, you're no earthly good.' The apostle James felt strongly about this type of person. 'Show me your faith without deeds and I will show you my faith by what I do' (James 2:18). In other words, Make your faith public."

So true. And that is what has hit me harder lately is that I've sat back for many years and talked about how I'm a Christian, yet what did I ever do to truly profess that claim? I think I always struggled with, or just denied, what God wanted with me. I've lived out my faith privately...praying before dinner, going to church on Sundays, and writing encouraging emails to prayer requests. But what about being public with my faith? Living out God's love to others by my actions or words, just through my small circle of friends, but to my community and further out.

I'm hoping I can encompass that in my life and outside of that. From starting a bible study with my closest friends, to attending a men's bible study at 5am, to going to Ethiopia in December.

Here's hoping I can fill in that hole in the gospel

Life in the Fast Lane

Pathetic. That is how I describe my blogging these days. I am sorry about that...all 12 of my followers. I've got a little time right now while I'm sitting in my hotel room in Birmingham to blog. Two things seem to be the dominant factor in my life right now, so here's what's up.

Started classes two weeks ago and this semester is going to be crazy.

Here is my class load:
Leadership in Leisure Services
Sport Governance
Sports Marketing
Sports/Culture in a Global Perspective
Sports as Pop Culture
Field Experience

Grand total of 18 hours. Fun fun. Really, I do like the classes, however, this is the heaviest reading semester I've had and all of my classes are project based. So, to get this straight, lots of reading and lots of writing. Governance will be the one that drives me crazy. The professor is the hardest professor I've ever had, but he's one of my favorites. See, I tend to get a little apathetic nearing the end of the semester and start to slack off. Which is why sometimes I end up with a B instead of an A. Not with Dr. Martin (Governance and my Law professor from the Summer course). He makes you read a chapter for each class, take a quiz for each chapter before you come to class, online, and then submit a question that you would like to have on the exam from that chapter. Not only that, but I have a group project due around Thanksgiving that addresses six major issues in International Sport, interview someone involved in International Sport (Thankfully my partner is from Ireland) and develop a policy to help with one of the problems in that sport. It is basically going to be a pain. But I like the fact that it is so structured. He doesn't take crap from people and weeds out the people that don't take it seriously. One of my biggest complaint with school is that too many professors allow kids to walk in late, play on their phones, and generally be disruptive. Not Dr. Martin. If you come in late, you lose half a percentage point off your final grade and if your phone goes off in class, you lose five percent off your final grade. So, if your phone goes off in class, you've basically gone from a 100 to a 95 in one ring. I love it.

I'm sitting in a hotel room in Birmingham, AL with the soccer team. We play tonight at 5pm and tomorrow night at 5pm. I don't normally travel with the team too much, but this year I am. I don't have class on Mondays or Fridays, so I wouldn't be missing class anyway. The down side is that I am out of town a lot this semester. This weekend is Birmingham, next is Lexington for my sisters wedding, the next weekend is in Knoxville/Gatlinburg for a guys weekend, then one week at the house, then to Orlando and Miami for soccer, then back up to Lexington for a soccer match and seeing family. So the next month is going to be busy.

Those two seem to be the things that take up most of my time. Mrs. McGoo and I seem to cross paths right now with our schedules and we still try and make time for our friends. That's just the way the cookie crumbles right now.

Life in the fast lane