Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Special K's lose, but I win GOLD!

Fair trade-off right? My beloved Wildcats lost to the team I hate almost as much as Satan, the Criminals of UT. Then to make matters worse, my other team the Kansas Jayhawks decided to follow the trend of a powerhouse losing to a team that has no business being on the same floor with them as well as their colors are represented best by that bile that one throws up, Oklahoma State (that was a long sentence). So the Cats and Jayhawks are keeping up with each other, but both should still win their conferences. It would have been neat to see Kansas sweep their conference though. I don't believe that a team from a BCS conference has gone undefeated in their conference guessed it, UK in 2005-2006.

But, there was some good news today. In case you didn't know, I am on the US Bobsled team and we took home our first gold medal for the first time in 62 years or so....
Go me and Go USA.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

AI Elimination Thoughts

Highly disappointed in America. Sending home Janell, Ashley, and Joe?!?!?! Whaaa? The only one that made remotely good sense was sending home Tyler. Maybe Ashely as well, but JOE? Are you kidding me? He's more talented that half that roster.

Frustrating watching some worthless singers staying....

American Idol Dudes Night Thoughts

After a really crummy night of estrogen, let's take a look at how the testosterone performed last night.

Todrick Hall: (Since You've Been Gone)
Dude, rocked the casbah. I think he is hit the right spot. Forget what the judges said because they're always telling people to take a risk and he did just that. Judges sucked with him.

Aaron Kelly: (Here Comes Goodbye)
Shaky start, but finished well. I think he's a little out of his element. Very shaky nerves. I think he's very intimidated by the judges and you can see it in his expressions.

Jermaine Sellers: (Get Here)
Is this guy a Diva or a Dude? Ugh...didn't like his performance at all. He butchered it

Tim Urban: (Apologize)'s not too late to apologize - you shouldn't have sang that song. If you can't hit a note, don't hide it...don't sing the song. I'd hit the road and tell people that you're Keith's distant cousin. In a nutshell, horrible.

Joe Munoz: (You and I)
Great song selection! Perfectly tailored to his vocals. I told Mrs. McGoo right before he went on that he could be a darkhorse and I was right. This guy really hit the mark.

Tyler Grady: (American Woman)
If this was the video game Rock Band, I think he would score high. Unfortunately, it isn't a video game. The arrangement didn't help him much, but I thought it sounded crummy.

Lee Dewyze: (Chasing Cars)
Another great song selection. Sounded like he missed the mark on a couple of notes, but other than that, I liked his performance. He's got a great stage presence as well. Good raspy sound which is unique.

John Park: (God Bless the Child)
Ugh...worst performance of the night...shaky and couldn't understand what in the world he said at the beginning. John...God Bless the listeners of that horrendous rendition.

Michael Lynche: (This Love)
He sounded like he was singing with the Jackson 5 and not Maroon 5. Decent performance...sounded like something of Motown and a very safe performance. All in all not a bad way to start for him but felt like I've heard it before.

Alex Lambert: (Wonderful World)
Looked very uncomfortable on the mic and very nasely. I'm sure he's got more to show, but ugh...I just didn't like this performance. And trust me when I say this....CUT THE MULLET

Casey James: (Heaven)
Casey, I want to thank you for taking me back to the YMCA Summer Camp days when I had multiple girlfriends and sang that song to all of them. Good song. You're going to get a ton of votes for that song and will continue to get a ton of votes as long as you don't screw up terribly. Good song and good performance. He'll be around for a while.

Andrew Garcia: (Sugar We're Going Down)
Garcia, right now, imo is the best performer on the show. He's got all the tools to win the show. I thought he picked a safe way to sing and I would have liked to see him do something else.

All in all the guys were much better than the ladies. Still some bad performances, but I think the guys are very top heavy with Andrew, Casey, Todrick, Joe, and Lee. If any of those go home, I'll be greatly surprised.

Let me say this though...

I think this is the worst group of performers I've seen from American Idol since I started watching. I think the judges should be embarrassed with their picks. If some of the former contestants came back and were allowed to compete, I think a lot of them would blow this crew away.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

American Idol Ladies Night Thoughts

In a word, Terrible.

I've left tonight wondering if the judges and people that help these singers select songs should be fired.

Paige Miles:
I thought Paige was not very good. Simon thinks she has the best voice, but I dunno. Band didn't do much for her either

Lacey Brown:
Eh...horrible. She was all over the place and you could feel her voice shake.

Michelle Delamor:
Why do these girls pick songs they struggle with? was average

Janell Wheeler:

Decent. She picked an ok song and I like that it was one that raised the tempo, but still not great.

Lilly Scott:
She's got a quirkiness that makes her fun to listen to. I think she sings the same way most of the time and thus it might hurt her. Not bad last night.

Didi Benami:
She hit her notes really well. I just hate the slow boring songs. For the sake of it all, someone pick things up a bit and make something your own!!

Ashely Rodriguez:
Yawn. I could turn the sound down and look at her, but listening to her last night made her ugly for once.

Siobahn Magnus:
I agreed with Randy...she didn't use what she was given last night. Wicked Game? Come on...sing woman!

Haeley Vaughn:
Dear Lord...please don't let her come back. I feel like I'm watching the smiling cat from Alice in Wonderland sing. Problem is, that cat is more enteraining and wouldn't sound like it's on Star Search

Katie Stevens:
She's got a deep voice that could develop into something special. Not on this night though.

Crystal Bowersox:

Holy Crap! Her teeth got whiter very quickly...imagine that?!?!...Janis reincarnated actually put on the best performance of the night, which isn't saying much. I still think she's boring. When she loses, she could always be the cover girl for Crest Whitening Strips.

Katelyn Epperly:
Not bad. It wasn't great, but she was one of the better singers last night.

All in all I was not happy with the women. If they keep this up it might be an all male Top 12 if I was doing the show.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dissecting American Idol Contestants - 3

My past two posts I've looked at 10 contestants that America has had a chance to see and hear. Here are a few more that we've seen and some predictions....

Haeley Vaughn:
Question, how many African-American singer songwriter types are out there? I can only think of one...Tracy Chapman. She's got a "fast car" and that's all I know. I think Haeley has an interesting voice and style, but I just don't see it getting her far. She's only 16 and I think the pressure is going to get to her.

How does she get in the Top 12:
Hopefully every song she is told to sing is written by: Sugarland, Jewel, Chapman, Sheryl Crow, and the Indigo Girls

Janell Wheeler:
Janelle had very good auditions until her final one, she struggled. That may have to do with her voice going out on her so it remains to be seen how she'll do. She definitely has the looks, charisma, and the chords to make it far. I am undecided on her...there's something about her that I like, but also something I'm a little timid about.

How does she get in the Top 12:
I think she's got to keep herself healthy...don't lose her voice again. I think she also needs to engage herself more with the audience.

Katelyn Epperly:
Katelyn could very well come out of this being:
a. America's Sweetheart
b. Winning it all
c. Crashing out early
d. a and c.
She's got a cuteness not seen in Idol in a long time. I didn't care for the 'family problems' story they told as I didn't see that as news worthy really.

How does she get in the Top 12:
She'll definitely have one vote each week if she dresses cute

Lilly Scott:
I somewhat compare her to Carly Smithson from two years ago. However, I think Carly is better (and got shafted from winning I might add) and she didn't win it. Soooo....hopefully she improves each round because she does have the goods to make it far.

How does she get in the Top 12:
I think she is a good bet to make it in. She's very dynamic with her voice and seems very well rounded with her pitch.

That's about it. The rest of the crew I don't know much about or heard enough to make a good guess on who I think will go far. Which is exactly why I am not predicting a winner until I've seen them all. No sense in picking against talent I've not seen.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Dissecting American Idol Contestants - 2

So we took a look last time at 5 contestants that are poised to sink or swim in the contest. Today we'll look at a few more.

Todrick Hall:
Todrick made a splash early on with his impressive audition. Throughout Hollywood week, Todrick never seemed to fail to impress. His group showed strong in their audition and his charisma is shown through every time he performs. He seems to be very versatile and has hit the mark with everything he's been asked to do. Heck, even the judges didn't waste time in telling him he made it. That should tell you something.

How does he get to the Top 12:
Todrick needs to continue to impress. I really believe if he starts winning over America, he'll get votes even when he has a bad outing. 'If' he has a bad outing.

Joe Munoz:
Joe is someone who we didn't get to see much of. I personally only saw a few small clips of him performing and what I saw, he seemed to impress the judges. He has that cute "David Archuleta" persona and I think possibly will appeal to a younger crowd. He can sing...that much is obvious.

How does he get to the Top 12:
Don't screw up...otherwise, I think he is one and done.

Siobhan Magnus:
With a name like this, one would think that she's a contestant on American Gladiators, not American Idol. Either way, I think she could win both. This girl is one of my early season favorites...based off her talent. She's got that Punky Brewster look infused with some soulful depth and a cuteness that could very well win people over. Hopefully the creative team of AI doesn't take that and blow it up and throw it down your throat. We've seen that with some former contestants that Idol seems to see potential in and dresses them up in stuff that immediately makes you turn the TV off.

How does she get in the Top 12:
I think that as long as she isn't shoved down our throats with over-kill, she's in. Definitely needs to pick the right songs later on.

Ashley Rodriguez:

Ashely wasn't shown much on the early auditions, but what we did see I thought she was decent. Nothing too special, so it should be interesting to see what they show of her in the coming weeks. She certainly has the looks and maybe she has the cool story to go along with it. She's one of the few that I didn't get much of a feeling about that we did get a chance to see a small bit.

How does she get in the Top 12:
Good question...come back to me after I've seen her this week.

Crystal Bowersox:
Mrs. McGoo can tell you, I'm not her biggest fan. She's definitely got some pipes and is probably the closest thing to an Idol Janis Joplin, but I'm not sold. I think it has something to do with the fact that her teeth look like she's taken crystal meth for the past eight years, but I digress. She'll do well if the songs are tailored to singer songwriter and country, but outside of that, I just don't see her delivering great performances of everything.

How does she get in the Top 12:
American voters hold a special affinity for people with bad teeth.

That covers five more contestants....check back for more later.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dissecting American Idol Contestants

This years American Idol looks to be an interesting one. There is a ton of talent in the top 24, but I haven't seen someone with that WOW factor that some may have seen in the past couple of years.

Here are my thoughts on some of the contestants that we got a chance to see in the early stages and how I think they'll do.

Aaron Kelly:
Aaron has a good last name, but imo, that's about all he's got going for him. I was actually surprised to see him make it this far because I thought his auditions were average at best. Needless to say, I don't expect Aaron to make it very far in this contest.

How does he get to the Top 12: Luck and a lot of young girls voting for him

Andrew Garcia:
Andrew is this season's Danny Gokey. He's got that soul and wrasp that I love. I think Andrew has the talent to take this all the way. The real trick will be seeing how does he handle specific songs that he's got to extend his range with. Danny handled it masterfully last does Andrew handle it?

How does he get into the Top 12: Do what he does best...sing his style and I think he'll coast on his way to the final rounds

Casey James:
Casey seems to be the eye candy for Kara. She hasn't made it a secret that she finds him pretty attractive. He's an interesting pick because he does have talent. My question is does he have enough in the vocal tank to take it all the way? I don't think so. While he's good, I see Casey as someone who will eventually take over for the "Naked Cowboy" in NYC.

How does he get into the Top 12: Get nekkid

Didi Benami:
Mrs. McGoo will let it be known that I called this one early one. After her first performance, I told Mrs. McGoo, "This girl has it." She does. She's got that it factor that I think will take her far. Now...she's very emo, which means she very well could tank early. That being said, I think she's got the looks and the voice to make it. I'm not predicting her to win it all, but I think she has a chance to make some money some day.

How does she get into the Top 12: Song selection and stay cool under pressure

Michael Lynche:
Big Mike was a sentimental favorite of most people early on. He was off chasing his dream, while his wife was back home having a baby. It was an interesting thing to see him going back and forth between auditions and phone calls while his wife was in labor. Big Mike has a smoothness and presence that you don't see very often. It will be interesting to see how well he does when a song is selected that isn't tailored to his liking though.

How does he get into the Top 12: Song selection and winning over the phoning in audience

So there are just a few of the contestants that we'll be looking at. I'll be back with some more come back please...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

American Idol Top 24

I realize this will be my first non-UK post in quite sometime, so for those of you that are looking for more UK stuff, sorry, you'll have to wait a bit.

Wednesday night finished up Hollywood week and we saw the top 24 selected for what should be a great season of American Idol. American Idol has a special place in our marriage because we use to watch it with our friends Don and Jana West when we were doing our pre-marriage counseling with them. We still like to get together with them and AI is usually the night we try and do so.

Even though I'm not great at singing and can't play a note on an instrument, I'm actually pretty good with spotting talent (a lot better than some might think) and love watching these next parts of the show. While I don't think the best talent wins it always, they usually do a good job of having the best one or two contestants near the finals. Case in point, I thought Danny and Adam were the best two last season, but somehow Chris managed to make it to the finals and win it. My personal choice would have been Danny because Adam was annoyingly creepy and Chris was too ordinary. However, the majority of people voting are girls and Chris had the good looks and college coffeehouse look going for him.

Mrs. McGoo has a little contest that she does when the contestants make it to the top 12. It is pretty fun to try and pick the winner of the show as well as select who goes out each episode.

Starting tomorrow (Thursday) Idol will post the bios and contestants of the ones we have gotten to know some on TV. I'll give a little incite into who I think could make it to far and who I don't think will do well. As much as I would love to post who, out of the top 24, will make it to the final 12, AI didn't show us every performance of the contestants. So for now, I'll just have to work with the ones we've seen.

Until then...

Monday, February 15, 2010

Gameday at Rupp Arena

Here's a snapshot of ESPN College Road Trip as they take in College Gameday this past Saturday at Rupp Arena.

There is nothing like a game at Rupp....and nothing like a post-game celebration at Two Keys Tavern...which just happens to be a place I use to frequent A LOT! Just don't tell Mrs. McGoo that I got my John Wall Dance on there once.
.or maybe twice.

It's a nice day when UT loses. A great day when UK wins. It's an excellent day when UK is the one beating the vomit-hole that is UT.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

John Wall Dances all over Tennessee

I love beating UT. Because I hate them so. John Wall led the way with 24 points over the criminal-snitches and helped UK continue to dominate the Vols year in and year out. Eric Bledsoe chipped in with 16 and Scotty Hopson was left wondering if he made the right choice to attend a crappy school like he did when he could have been part of winning big time basketball at UK. Does anyone at UT know who he is? Doubt it.

Additionally, ESPN did a piece on John Wall and the dance crave that is sweeping the nation. This time, not just the Big Blue Nation


If UT beats KU and UK beats UT...does that make them better than KU? Hmmm...things to ponder

I love this picture...

Ain't that the truth!

Kentucky vs Tennessee (Pros vs Cons)

The McGoo's have made it back in town from a long week of travel and dealing with the loss of a loved one. First of all, I wanted to say thanks for everyone that sent well wishes and prayers. You guys really mean a lot to us and I know that I can speak for Mrs. McGoo in saying THANK YOU, they really helped.


There is a pretty big game of importance tonight going on in Lexington. The game has all the makings of being a classic.

Let's weight the "Pros" and "Cons" of the game:

  • UK is #2 in the country in both major polls
  • UK is first in the SEC standings
  • UK has 3 potential lottery picks in their starting lineup
  • Blue is a mans color
  • Cousins wears his headband the right way
  • UK is the all time leader in wins
  • UK has won 43 SEC Championships
  • UK has won 25 SEC Tournaments
  • UK boasts 0 criminals
  • Jodie Meeks owns UT
  • Bruce Pearl is sweaty and creeps on younger women
  • Wayne Chism wears his headband like a beanie
  • UT isn't even the best team in their state
  • Orange is Fugly
  • Even UT's fans don't care about their basketball team
  • Only 8 SEC Championships
  • Even less SEC Tourney's - 4
  • UT boasts 3 criminals (Would be 4 but Tyler Smith was kicked off the team)
UT are also some lowdown, dirty snitches.

With all that being said, I am very disappointed that Bobby Knight is too much of a chicken to show up to Rupp today. Knight is a member of Gameday on ESPN but for some reason elected not to show up today....hmmmm...coward.

Here's hoping that this BIG BLUE NATION takes down the ugly orange like the Kansas Big Blue took down that burnt orange UT this past Monday.

Until then...I'm going to practice my John Wall Dance

Friday, February 12, 2010

Heading Home

On the road again...

Today we are leaving K.C. and heading back to Memphis where our furbabies have been taken care of (Thanks to Erin Marie and Johnny).

Growing up in Lexington and now living in Memphis, it has always been wonderful to get home and visit family, but leaving was always hard. It always seemed like once I got home to Lexington to see my family, I had to turn around and come back home to Memphis. The same thing has begun to happen to me internally here in K.C. I've been blessed to be welcomed in to Mrs. McGoo's family with open arms and the more I have been here to visit, the harder is has become for me to leave. Honestly, it feels like home. There is something about spending quality time with these folks that I kinda like. Each time I come to K.C. I find I get to know a little more about each of them than I did before. I'd be willing to bet they probably know more than they want about me as well. (Like how I order my tacos)

So it is with great regret that I have to leave this place. I probably wouldn't leave if I didn't have to get Freckles back to her boy toy and Mrs. McGoo back to her J.O.B.

So to all of you...Neil, Terri, Steve, Lisa, Michael, Will, Lyndy, Dan, Jimmy, Allison, Madison, Clayton, Colton...I'm going to miss you very much.

I think that's about it...oh wait...I must have missed someone...oh yeah....

There is another person up here that I can talk sports with, watch a movie with, shop for a suit with, buy beer with, shoot pool with, spend a day in Nebraska Furniture Mart with, learn about surround sound stereos with, appreciate TV's with, compare BBQ notes with, watch American Idol with, make fun of my father in law with, and can talk politics with. And that's just in one day.

I suppose I'll miss him too... we come.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Servants Heart

It has been a difficult week in the McGugan household as Mrs. McGoo learned that her grandmother, Mary Hansen passed away last Saturday. When we learned of the news, we had just been out with some of our closest friends on a nice dinner and left in a joyous mood. At dinner we were able to celebrate relationships, babies, and life all over a warm cooked meal. Things were very good when we left and I remember looking to my wife that night thinking that the Lord was good. He has blessed us with a great family, friends, and life that we are so happy to have. Sure we struggle with the normal things in life...not having enough money, house issues, day to day life issues and whatnot, but in the grand scheme of things, we are very happy and blessed.

Then Heather's phone rang. Heather was driving and couldn't reach her phone, so I answered it for her. Her father had called and asked how we were doing and what we were up to. I sensed something unfamiliar in his voice when he asked if he could speak with Heather, I knew something wasn't right. I gave the phone to her and as we drove on, I watched her emotions get the best of her. We pulled over and she got off the phone in tears and looked to me and said that her grandmother had passed away. We sat in the car for a while as I grabbed my wife's hand and waited a bit for her to let her tears out and come to grips with what she had just heard. Then I did the only thing that I know how to do in that kind of moment, I held my wife close and spoke to the Lord and it sounded something like this...

"Lord, we're hurting right now as our grandmother has been taken from us. While we feel it is too soon to let go, we know that your timing is what is important. I've never seen someone with more of a servants heart than that of Mary Hansen and for that, I thank you for her life. She has shown us what it is like to be Christ-like to all. Lord, we know that you are welcoming her in to heaven with open arms but I specifically ask that you are with her family and friends right now. I ask that you lay your loving arms all over her husband, Neil, right now, for he is without his bride and I know now more than ever, he needs to feel your love. Mary left behind so many people that loved her. Lord, I know you are proud. So Lord, thank you for allowing her to be with us for so long. We cannot wait until we see her again. In your name. Amen."

From the moment I came into this family, Mary has made me feel as if I was one of her own grandchildren. Heather warned me that if I let her, she'd help me gain 30 pounds by cooking me any meal I asked. From the minute I walked in her door she never stopped offering to serve me....take my coat, get me a drink, offer me food, or anything else you can think of. I've learned a lot from to serve. For someone like me, a Christian, that's the simplest way for someone to see the kingdom. So simple to say, yet for some reason so difficult for so many to follow through with though. Mary, was the exception.

If you look at all of the books that Paul wrote in the bible, almost all of them begin with saying, "Paul, a servant of Christ...Paul, a bond servant of Christ...Paul, a prisoner of Christ Jesus." That was Mary...not only a belief in serving, but embodying it on a day to day basis. Heather's uncle documents her some more in his blog and explains in more detail her servant heart in his life.

Today I am serving as a pallbearer for Mary Hansen's funeral and I couldn't be more honored.

Today, it is my turn to serve one of the greatest servants I've ever known. Today Mary, you get to sit back and let us take care of you for once. After a lifetime of service for your Lord, Creator, Savior, and everyone that came in between, you've earned every bit of the blessings, tears, laughter, and service you're going to get.

We love you. We miss you. God bless you

Monday, February 8, 2010

Weather Issues

I thought I would be posting today to tell you that you may not hear from me much this week as Mrs. McGoo and I will be traveling today to Kansas City for her Grandmother's funeral. However, the snow storm that has come through the Mid-South this morning has put a damper on when we will be leaving.

I never thought I'd be disappointed to see snow but I'm a little anxious to get on the road and get to our family, and this weather doesn't help.

Please pray for us as we know when is the right time to leave and have safe travels.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

LOST - One Step Forward and Two Steps Back

So I tuned in this past Tuesday night to LOST to potentially get more answers to some of the questions that have lingered on for multiple seasons. Problem is that I left with a lot more questions. Wha??

It's funny really...the thing that makes this show so frustrating is the same thing that makes it so wonderful. The writers are genius in that they lure you in with questions about someone or something and frustrate the hell out of you until you finally get that question answered. The frustrating thing is that the same episode a question gets answered, they end up putting more questions in the show to make you think even more.
Everyone wants answers and they all look to him for them

For instance, we got an idea of what the smoke monster "Smokey" is (Esau) and we find out that Juliet doesn't die from the explosion (not until later) but we get a ton more questions.

For instance:
1. Why is Ash spread to keep Smokey away?
2. Was the flash an alternate time or the future they could have had?
3. What happened to Christian's body?
4. What is Miles not telling Sawyer when he said that Juliet told him "It worked." What worked?
5. How in the world did Desmond get on the plane and where did he disappear to?
6. Why didn't they show Shannon on the plane with Boone?

See....more questions that need to be answered. And this is just one episode. I feel like I'm watching General Hospital. But as one can see, it's why it is the best show on TV right now. I'd give "Dexter" a vote for a close second.
Oh Freckles why do you frustrate me so
Here are some of my thoughts on things....

-I believe that the artist formally known as John Locke is "Esau" and he is the brother of "Jacob." (Any of you biblical scholars out there care to shed some light on the two from a biblical perspective?)

-Since Jacob was killed by Ben, I think Hurley's vision to take Sayid to the Temple was so that Jacob could be reincarnated in Sayid's body (Maybe).

-I'm also interested to see about that list that was in the broken cross. Based on the file I attached to my blog, I think that Jack may have not been on that list...which would makes sense if you remember season 2 when Michael referenced the list at the end of the season. What does that mean then? Is Jack the variable that Faraday talked about?

-Additionally the flash makes it appear as if that was the life they would have had if the flight didn't crash, but I wonder if somehow they will all be thrust together in some form or fashion anyway. Lost is very much about fate and I think fate may play a large part in what is going on in that flash.

All in all, it's building to what should be an incredible season. I know I'm stoked.

I'm all ears in hearing more theories and thoughts....bring em on!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

LOST Thoughts

Thought you were going to get them today right? Well, I want to post them but I'm crazy busy today so I ask that you give me a day and I'll try and get something out.

Until then...

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

LOST. The Final Season

Tonight, the best show on TV begins its final season. That's right, season 6 of LOST is about to start up and I couldn't be any more excited. I began watching the first season to see if the dude from "Party of Five" could pull off not shaving for an entire series like he did in "Party of Five." Additionally, I was intrigued to see how they would develop a show based off of people trying to get off a deserted island.

It began with a doctor opening his eyes to see that his plane had crashed on an island and he went to help people that were in need of medical care. Once people were able to help those that needed it, the survivors began to set up a camp and discuss what had happened and began to talk about how they would get off the island. To most of the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815, what appeared like a uninhabited random island quickly turned into anything but uninhabited. When a random Jurassic-like noise was heard coming from the forest my interest peaked, but later in the season when Charlie turned to the survivors and asked, "Where are we?" then I was hooked.

Let me say that was the first thing to hook me to the show, but certainly not the last. Episode 1 introduced the viewers to the damsel in distress named "Kate." To say that I've got a crush on Kate would be an understatement. She is, in my friend Alan's term, a "cutie." However, she's hardly a typical damsel in distress though. She's a tough girl, a go-getter, a take care of herself, the girl next door, and is very easy on the eyes. Basically she is LOST's version of Mrs. McGoo. The only thing missing from the comparison between the two are freckles, which just happens to be Kate's nickname. That, and Kate happens to be caught in a love triangle between Jack, the doctor/party of five/good guy of the show, and Sawyer, the anti-hero/bad boy of the show.
I'm pretty confident Mrs. McGoo isn't caught up in a love triangle with me, unless it involves Gerard Butler.

In addition to the eye candy, I've loved how they develop the characters based on their past. On any given episode, you are keyed into elements of a characters past or future that has either led them to the island, gotten them off the island, or explains why they are who they are. All the while they develop the story of the island and all the questions that go along with it. Yes, some people may have been turned off to the polar bears and the black smoke and other sorts, but the writing of the show is exceptional. Combine that with great acting, fascinating character development, and the hint that there is an explanation for everything and you've got the mark of a heck of a show. I encourage anyone that has never watched the show to go and rent the first season...I promise you won't be disappointed.

Needless to say this season promises to deliver on a ton of questions that need to be answered. Just some of the questions that Season 6 promises to deliver are:
1. What do the numbers mean? -This has been a question since the very first season. These were the numbers that Desmond entered every 108 mins to keep the island safe, the winning lottery numbers that Hugo won the lottery with, and there are a few other things that tied these numbers in to.
2. What is Smokey? And where does he come from? - The black smoke has been a question from people early on and we got a taste of it last season, but hopefully we'll find out what exactly it is?
3. What is the deal with the four-toed statue? - Nuff said...why only four toes and what happened to the whole statue?
4. Who or what is Jacob? - This imaginary figure, or not so imaginary, Jacob has become a central figure in what/who is making the decisions on the island.
5. Polar Bears on a tropical island? - Yep. And how exactly did they get there?

Those are just a few of the rhetorical/unanswered questions that lie ahead for many LOST fans to be answered.

My personal intriguing unanswered question is:
What is the deal with Walt? - Amid the ragtag group of survivors is a boy that may or may not be the key to the island. Somewhere along the way the show hinted that he had some sort of mental abilities from weather control to the ability to attract animals with his thoughts. At one time Walt seemed to be key to the fate of the survivors. Unfortunately for the show's producers, while time on the island moved at the leisurely pace of a month-or-two every season, the actor portraying Walt, Malcolm David Kelley, had this annoying tendency to age a full year with every calendar year that passed.

If you're like me and you REALLY want to get in depth with these questions and answers, (and there are some interesting things on this) here is a Season 6 Study Guide that you can download and print out. Hopefully you enjoy it as much as I did.

Hope you guys enjoy this preview, I thought it was pretty cool. Maybe you'll come back tomorrow and post your thoughts on the first episode.

Oh, and remember....GET LOST

***Editors Note*** If anyone is having problems downloading the file, leave me a comment and let me know your email and I'll gladly email it to you

Monday, February 1, 2010

A Taste of What's To Come.....

Tomorrow I am giving my Season 6 preview of LOST and have included some very interesting details and a pretty neat surprise. I hope this wets your appetite enough to want to come back for more tomorrow and see what Mr McGoo has to say...cause you know it will be anything but ordinary.

Until then, don't get LOST just yet....

Even a King Knows Where The Mecca of College Basketball Is

LeBron James takes in a game at Rupp Arena this past weekend. He looks good in blue