Monday, March 28, 2011

13 Years Too Long

This weekend ended on a high note for me. My University of Kentucky Wildcats are going back to the Final Four for the first time in 13 years. Growing up in Lexington, we're use to success in basketball. However, after Tubby took over for Pitino and won a championship in 1998, we haven't seen the last weekend in college basketball in over 13 years.

During that time, 'Cryin' Roy discovered two championships, Rat K won two championships, "Chowda" Jim won two championships, Billy 'The Kid" won two championships, and even Bill Self has won one. While I loved Tubby, he never had the desire to play the recruiting game and began to bring in talent that Auburn wouldn't want. Then, when he moved on, we took over a complete mistake in Billy Gillispie. Billy Clyde was in over his head in Lexington and just like some say in New York, got swallowed up by the pressure.

Now, we finally got the guy that LOVES the pressure and thrives on it.

What makes this run to the Final Four so remarkable is that last year's 'Draft Cats" had more talent and next's years incredible recruiting class is what everyone was looking forward to. This year was the year that we had low expectations and would be happy to make it to the second weekend of the tourney.

Now we're back where we belong. So it's going to be a fun week. I'll get to listen to a ton of fans complain about Cal and how he's a cheater and can't coach and how UK can't win with one-and-done's and how UCONN is better and how everyone wants VCU, Butler, or UCONN to win.

That's fine. The one thing I've learned about sports is that hate breeds stupidity. This team is legit and that's all that matters to me. I love watching them play.

One other thing that would be nice if UK wins the Championship. I'd win my brackets and come home with a lot of cash. That would be especially nice considering I've got a certain KU fan that has beaten me two years in a row.


Thursday, March 17, 2011

4 Years of Bliss

Today marks 4 years that my wife, Mrs. McGoo, has had the fortunate blessing of being my wife. I completely take care of her by cooking, cleaning, keeping the house in order, and making tons of money to provide for her. Those are just a few intangibles that Mr. McGoo brings to the table.

My SILR tells me every year on my birthday (we share a bday), "Congrats, for sharing a birthday with me." So I'll say, "Congrats Mrs. McGoo for being married to me for 4 years!"

(Any if you believe any of what I just wrote, you probably think that today is Halloween because everyone is dressed in green.)

The fact is, I'm incredibly blessed and lucky to call Mrs. McGoo my wife.

Here's a really cool quote from Mark Driscoll:

"In the opening pages of Genesis, we see that our Trinitarian God made everything “good.” The only thing that is not called “good” is that our first father, Adam, was alone. He had creation below him, and God above him, but no one alongside of him to walk as an equal. In this way, Adam was not able to show forth the Trinitarian community of God; Adam was alone on the earth and not in community. For this reason, among others, God said it was “not good” for the man to be alone. So, God made a woman, our first mother, Eve, to be Adam’s helper and bride. God then essentially walked her down the aisle and officiated the first wedding between the first man and first woman. Thus, God set the precedent that, though different, men and women are equal as his image-bearers, that marriage is a gift for one man and one woman to enjoy, and as a result called all of this “very good.” "

If I can borrow from our Lord, our marriage has been VERY GOOD. And it is ONLY because we have continued to put our Lord and savior, Christ, in the center of it.

I love you Mrs. McGoo!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Giving Up of Something You Love

As a kid, Lent was always a confusing time for me. Growing up Methodist, we never really celebrated Lent in our household. I don't know why really, I guess I always thought of Lent as a Catholic ritual. I remember seeing so many people, that I would never really associate with being a Christian, recognize Lent. It's not that I was trying to judge anyone, but with a lot of them, Lent just seemed to be something they did because that was what they were supposed to do, not because they were doing it for their beliefs.

Anyway, I say all this because Lent is tomorrow and I wanted everyone to know that I have already started. I have been eating Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches for almost two weeks straight. It has been a difficult process knowing that I am giving it up today (I'm planning on eating catfish for lunch and chicken for dinner), but it has to come to an end at some point.

During this time of PB&J, I have come close on a couple of occasions to missing out on the delicious treat. For instance, last Sunday, I made my way over to the in-laws house to watch my beloved Wildcats take down Captain Sweaty and his band of criminals, otherwise known as UT. In doing so, I had to eat my PB&J. The only problem is, all the Grinch had in the pantry was creamy peanut butter. Growing up on crunchy all my life, that is like asking a man to switch from a Samsung flat screen to a black and white tube TV. Needless to say, I made the difficult decision to spread the creamy all over the beautiful white bread and mix it with the jelly. I was able to push through the overload of peanut butter bread caked to the roof of my mouth by downing a couple of cokes, which helped peal it off my pallet. So thankful for the stock of cokes and Cheeto puffs that my favorite mother in law supplied.

So you see, it has been a wonderfully, difficult time making this streak work. But in the end, and it always has to end, the decision to give it up PB&J is being made on my own terms...not because of ones neglect of crunchy peanut butter in their pantry.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Tristan Campbell McGugan

So proud to announce that my nephew, Tristan, joined the world yesterday. What a blessing from God he is. Dad and mom are doing well and resting while they can.

This just means Mrs. McGoo and I get to spoil our niece for a week or so while everyone else makes their visits.