Thursday, September 15, 2011

Last Semester

One last semester down before I graduate in December.  All I have left is 14 hours to complete.  12 of those must be an internship (which I am still looking for) and 2 is racquetball. 

I've also gotten back to getting active.  I started playing kickball again and workout after my racquetball sessions three times a week.  Next week I start a 6 week boot camp that I bought on Groupon for $10 (regularly $210).  The only problem is my body isn't holding up.  Two games into kickball and I pulled my quad and my right toe is bothering me a lot because I have a bone spur on it.  Additionally, I have a torn rotator cuff in my right arm, which doesn't lead to much fun after 3x's a week of racquetball and once a week of kickball. 

This just in...I'm falling apart.  Maybe I should start a painting class or something...


Frank Bryant said...

Maybe you can take up NASCAR watching. It's what old guys do.

Mr. McGoo said...

Then I would be throwing in the towel. Can't do that