Monday, July 25, 2011

London - Day 16 & 17

The past two days have been a bit uneventful. Everyone has left that I was in the program with and I am back at my cousin's flat just hanging out and enjoying some down time. Yesterday we went on a walk around the area and made our way to a really old cemetery. The headstones were really interesting to look at as a lot of them were from the 1800's.

Chapel roof was destroyed by fire in 1970's
Path leading into the cemetery

Someone enjoying a seat
Cool headstone

Look closely and you can see St. Paul's Cathedral. Bench was behind me where you could sit and see it

Can you see how many letters and hearts there are on the crust
Ally, my cousin Andrew's wife, saw that I posted a picture on facebook a while back that I enjoyed the Steak and Ale pie I had at a pub. So Ally took it upon herself to make me a pie last night.

It was delish.

This morning I woke up and took a walk around town.  Unlike the university I was staying at, where they live isn't the most easy place to get to downtown and back. 

So I basically spend my time walking about the area close to their flat.  It isn't all that bad though.  Less traffic and congestion, which is a good thing for someone who doesn't like large crowds. 

Today I walked to a place called "Lordship Lane" which seems a bit of a weird name for a place.  However, it seemed fitting once I got there.  It is all about consumerism and shopping.  Really expensive clothes and other items a person might desire.  So yeah, very fitting it is called "Lordship Lane." 

Tomorrow I head back to the states.  I am flying from London - Heathrow to Detroit and have a 6 hour layover there.  Hoping to catch up with my buddy Jeff and grab a bite with him.  Then I'll head back to Nashville where I am staying with another buddy until Wednesday when Mrs. McGoo can pick me up. 

Pray for safe travels as the Mrs. and I are both traveling. 

Oh, I got a little bored the other day and decided to make Mrs. McGoo a comic strip.  She got a kick out of it.  Let's see what you think?


Mrs. McGoo said...

ha. Creative crust decor: H heart K. 2 additional hearts and two As for Ally & Andrew. Cute!

Mrs. McGoo said...

Oh yeah and I'm lovin the comic. haha!

Rachael said...

ha! that comic strip is priceless!

Frank Bryant said...

This blog is fantastic.